Indoor Football Rules


  • The white line marks the playing area. Once the whole of the ball crosses the white line it is out of play. The game will restart with a kick in within 4 sec. The ball must be placed on the line and be stationery before the kick in. Anywhere over the back line would mean a roll in by the goalkeeper from within the goal area within 4 seconds as well.

  • Opposing players must stand at least 2 meters from free kicks unless the kick is within 4 meters of the goal area. They can then stand on the edge of the goal area. The penalty for this is the free kick will be retaken until the rule is abided by.

  • Free kicks may only be taken once the referee has blown the whistle.

  • If when taking a kick in, a player delays for more than four seconds from the time he takes possession of the ball, the kick in will be awarded to the opposition. Part or all of both feet must be on or behind the line when the ball is kicked into play. If a player puts his whole foot over the line on a kick-in, the penalty will be awarded to the other team.

  • Late arrivals – teams will incur a 1 goal penalty for every min they do not have a minimum of 3 players taking the court. Arrival after 10min will result in the late arrivals defaulting the game points (they may still play the game).


  • Yellow cards can be awarded for deliberate hand ball, slide tackling, pushing and dissent which will result in 5 minutes on the bench.

  • Red cards can be awarded for the following offences and will result in a player being sent off the court of play.

  • Guilty of serious foul play

  • Guilty of violent misconduct

  • Guilty of using foul or abusive language

  • Guilty of persistent misconduct after receiving a caution

  • Obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs

NOTE: under FIFA laws, there is no right of appeal other than for mistaken identity. Once a player has been sent from the court for either a yellow or red card offence they cannot be replaced.

Disciplinary Action

  • All carded players will have their name recorded by the referee on the scorecard and those receiving a red card must leave the playing area of the stadium and not sit on the substitute bench.

  • In the event that the incident in question warrants a greater penalty than a one match suspension the incident in question will be reported to the Program Manager who will decide the appropriate action.

  • If the incident warrants further action an incident report may be required which could result in suspension for a number of games or expulsion from the Centre for the offending player.


The Game


  • The game is played for 38 minutes including 2 minutes for half time (18 minute halves).


  • Players must be at least 13 yrs of age

  • Teams may take the court with 4 male players, the 5th player must be female.

  • Ten players maximum registered per team

  • Five players on the court at one time, of which one is the goalkeeper

  • Teams may not play unregistered players

  • Players are not permitted to wear anything while on court that may endanger them or other players i.e. jewellery, rings, etc.

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn on court. No bare feet

  • Players may not play for two teams in the same grade

  • A Division 1 player may play in a lower division as well, as long as they have been registered with that team before the competition starts and play in the grading games

  • Effectively a player can step up divisions but not step down when filling in on a casual basis for teams who are short of players


  • Substitutions may be made at half time or when the ball goes dead

  • The substituted player must be off the court before the replacement goes on

  • Coaches and substitute players are not permitted on the court area during play

Blood Bin

  • Any players with bleeding wounds must leave the court. A substitute can take up the vacant position



Competition Scoring

  • 5 Points for a win

  • 3 Points for a draw

  • 1 Point for a loss

  • -4 points for default

The team with the most amount of points accumulated from all league games including the final will be deemed the winner. If the points are the same after all league games the team with the better for and against is deemed the winner.

Uniforms & Equipment

  • Teams are encouraged to wear their own team tops, for both appearance and comfort reasons. Bibs will be provided if needed

  • Match balls will be provided for each match but warm up or practice balls will not


  • For a goal to be scored the whole of the ball must be over the goal line

  • A goal may be scored directly from a corner

  • All other dead ball kicks are indirect


  • A goalkeeper is the only person who can handle the ball inside the goal area.

  • Once the ball has gone dead over the back line a goal keeper must return the ball into play underarm within 4 seconds.

  • The goalkeeper may change places with one of his team mates provided that the referee has given authorization and the change is made at a stoppage in the game.

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